No Permanent Implant

Our Implants will be formed out of a biocompatible and bioresorbable polymer that is FDA-approved and CE-marked for a variety of other clinical applications. Multiple Preclinical Studies in large animals have shown that the Implants slowly get resorbed by the body while the patient's own tissue forms synchronously. After the implant has been fully resorbed, the animal trials show that the end-result is natural breast tissue with no foreign body remnants.

Degradation Behaviour of BellaSeno implants

Natural Tissue

Our Implants will aim to guide the growth of natural tissue with the use of patient's own body fat harvested via routinely practiced liposuction procedure.

Anticipated Key Benefits:

  • Tissue is regenerated from the patient's own body-fat, without the use of isolated/cultivated stem cells or animal-derived products - may help avoid risk of rejection, chronic infection and capsular contracture associated with current standard of care.
  • No foreign material is permanently implanted in the body, so long-term medication may no longer be needed.
  • Risk of repeated surgeries may be reduced.

Fat Injection

Interested in transforming your 3D Cell Culture using our technology?

BellaSeno is pleased to offer off-the-shelf yet customised scaffolds that allow all researchers and industry professionals to smoothen the transition from 2D to 3D Cell Culture models without the need for extensive engineering know-how.

Our scaffolds are:

  • Fabricated using Polycaprolactone – one of the most widely used polymers in 3D Cell Culture and the polymer that drives BellaSeno's proprietary Senella® technology.
  • Available in 3 different pore shapes and 9 different porosities!
  • Packaged in standard well-plates.
  • Terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation and ready for use.
  • Treated with Plasma in order to promote cell attachment.

As an introductory offer, we are offering the first 50 well-plates for only EUR 5 !



BellaSeno Implants are a product of more than 5 years of rigorous product development and preclinical studies. Publications cited below refer to the Biocompatibility and Efficacy of BellaSeno implants within Preclinical Studies

Our Management Team

BellaSeno Founding and Management team comprises experts from diverse fields ranging from biomedical engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Plastic Surgery, Medical Imaging and Polymer Development.

Simon Champ, PhD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Simon Champ, PhD

Dr. Champ has held a variety of management positions in R&D, marketing and business development in the chemical industry. Dr. Champ’s MBA thesis focused on the commercialisation of regenerative medicine technologies. Dr. Champ is co-founder of Progensis UG (haftungsbeschränkt), a boutique consultancy focusing on the regenerative medicine industry. BellaSeno benefits from Dr. Champ’s experience in business strategy, marketing and venture valuation, as well as his international network of commercially relevant contacts.

Mohit P. Chhaya, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Mohit P Chhaya, PhD

Dr. Chhaya is an Expert in Biomedical Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Technologies and is one of the Key Contributors in the development of BellaSeno's Technology Platform.

Prior to BellaSeno, Dr. Chhaya worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Technical University of Munich (TUM) - where he was part of a team that got awarded an Exist Research Translation grant by the German government. As part of duties, Dr. Chhaya shaped the global regulatory strategy for innovative scaffolds for lymph-node regeneration. Dr. Chhaya also regularly gives short lectures on Research Translation at the TUM Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Course aimed at clinicians.

Dr. Chhaya's PhD thesis was focused on the design and manufacturing of the breast implants used by BellaSeno - for which he was the recipient of university-wide Best Thesis Award (2015). From a translational point of view, the project led to a licensing deal with a major Bioprinter manufacturer, two international patent applications (EP 14 200 090.0 and EP 14 184 126.2) and two spinoff companies (BellaSeno GmBH and Biofabrication Design Solutions Pty Ltd).

Prior to undertaking his PhD, Dr. Chhaya worked as a Data Analyst at Moody’s Analytics for 2.5 years and, during his university years, was a co-founder of 2 student-run start-ups in the fields of marketing and innovation consultancy. One of Dr. Chhaya’s start-ups was awarded the runners-up prize in national Young Achievement Australia awards.

Our Technology in the Media

BellaSeno's Technology has been developed as part of a long-standing collaboration between world-class research groups at the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) and Technical University of Munich (Germany). The science underpinning our Technology Platform has been showcased multiple times in the media.

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